Manhood Basics: Beard Grooming

Do you have a beard? Do you love your beard and want only what's best for it? When you go to trim your beard, do you lay in shame and agony on the floor because of the lousy work you've done?

If your answers are mostly yes, then this is the article for you. Today we're going to talk about the basics of beard grooming. Many of us look like babies when we shave off our beards, so we have sworn to never, ever shave our beards. But eventually, your beard will start to get itchy, and the skin under it will be dry as a desert and flaky like a December  in Santa's village. Deserts and snow don't go together, but when it comes to beards, all hell brakes loose and anything is possible. So, first things first, let's start with proper beard trimming.

The most important thing is to define a neckline, here is a picture and a chart that will help you do that.



Now that we have trimmed our hairy face ornament, it's time to take care of the skin and hairs, because we want our beard to be happy and healthy. When it comes to beard care, you can't go wrong with beard oils. A good beard oil provides many benefits; it moisturizes your skin and beard, softens the hairs and prevents itching. In the last few years, the selection of beard oils have skyrocketed. You can get pretty much every scent possible, from vanilla, cedar wood, to tobacco. And they mostly come in beautifully designed vintage bottles, which is great.

We hope that this article helped you with the basics of maintaining your beard, there will more articles on this subject and on subject of manliness in general, so don't miss it out, our articles will help you bring your manliness on a whole new level.