Manhood Basics: Taking a Bath

I can imagine you seeing this title and thinking: "baths aren't manly at all, what is this guy writing about?". Well, you can't be more wrong. Baths are manly, and led by that good ol' saying that pictures is worth a thousand words, here you go:

So if that doesn't convince you about manliness of taking a bath, I'm really sorry for your loss. A good bath will make you more of a man than you can imagine. I will describe my manly bath rituals, and hopefully it will help in breaking this stereotype that baths are only for women.

First of, water temperature. Pour hot water, just hot, if you mix it with cold water, your bath is ruined and you have failed as a man. The purpose of taking a bath is to relax you, but also, if you want to have a manly bath, then you need to add a challenge to it. The hot water will test your endurance, both physically and mentally. Yes, it burns and it's hard to breathe, but don't worry, you'll get used to it.

You would want to put in some bath salts, so you can cook like a hunk of beef that you are. The choice is up to you, I like to put in salts with a wooden scent, it's great for the overall atmosphere.

The atmosphere, in this case the lights. Sometimes, I like to read while taking a bath, so naturally I wouldn't dim the lights, but sometimes I just want to lay and simply turn off my mind. In that case, small amount of lighting will do you wonders, just enough so you can see where your glass is.

A glass? Yes, for a bath to be manly and relaxing, you need a drink. I'm not talking beers, you want to relax and drink slowly. Preferable drink for your bath time would be whiskey, bourbon, scotch or cognac. I personally like to drink 12 year old Hennessy, it really blends in with the whole bath atmosphere. But, it's up to you. As long as it's not beer or wine, you should be fine. But stick to those 4 I mentioned before, they're the best choice.    

What about the acoustics? Well, there's no strict guideline to that, it's completely up to you. Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I bathe in silence with my thoughts, or listen to various podcasts. It's definitely best to try out all 3 scenarios, each bath will be special in its own way then.

Hope that you liked this article and that it will help you with your bath experience. Baths are really beneficial for body and the mind, and a good bath will do wonders for you, so get that water running, pour yourself a nice drink and enjoy!