3 Great Eco Friendly Candles

Candles have become an essential part of a cozy home. They bring a calming and soothing sensation after a long day work, making your home into a stress free zone. But, mostly, you will have paraffin candles made from petroleum, which is carcinogenic, making your home a lot less stress free zone.
But, there is a solution to this. Virginia Candle Company specializes in making soy candles. Sounds a little unusual, right? Well, soy candles are actually a great alternative to regular candles. In fact, i think that soy candles should not be an alternative, but a primary candle type. First of, soy candles are made from renewable source grown by local farmers, they have a clearer burning than paraffin ones and they don't release toxins or leave a black soot. They last longer, and are bio degradable, they slower burning makes the release of scent more gradual, creating a more pleasant atmosphere in your home. This all sound great, and there is no r eason to switch to soy wax candles, if you already haven't.

There is so much to choose from, but we managed to pick out our favourite 3 scents for you.

Madison Mango Papaya

This tropical scent will make you feel like you're somewhere far away, on a cruise throughout the Caribbeans. And you will save on plane and cruise tickets as well.

Manasass Man Cave

Here is something for guys. This is great to break those stereotypes that candles are only for women. This candle has a strong cologne smell, filling the air with deep musk. Just perfect for a man cave 

Bedford Banana Pudding Votive

I love pudding and bananas. I could eat those all day everyday. But unfortunately, i can't. So this candle will make a great substitute, making my home in a pastry shop, which i will enjoy without getting those extra calories.

There are a lot of reasons to make this candles your newest additions to your home. They are eco friendly, healthy, and have a great smell. I can wait to burn mine to get more.

Photo: www.virginiacandleco.com



  1. I love candles! Looks great

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