Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

We humans are mostly creatures of habit. Each and every one of has at least one routine that you practice daily and are comfortable with. You probably have the same breakfast every morning(or you have a couple of them that you rotate through weekdays), you commute to work using the same route each day. A lot of people have a job that they go to every day, but career-wise, they're not going anywhere. Somebody is okay with that status quo, and is happy with it. But most of them are just afraid of failing in trying new things and overcoming challenges to achieve more.
And that is the biggest problem with comfort zone. It prevents you from going further, tricking you to think that life inside of it is okay, and that you shouldn't bother to go outside of it to pursue new experiences and adventures.

You have probably heard that life happens outside your comfort zone. And that is true. You have never heard that somebody achieved greatness by doing exact same things every day. But, it's not that easy to just step out of your comfort zone, you have to overcome some obstacles first. And the biggest one is yourself.
If you are afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone, and afraid to ask yourself the really tough questions, and lack focus and what your life should look like, then I would suggest you to check out the "#52 Questions" by Kristi L. Jackson. It is a book in a journal form designed to help you overcome obstacles that are preventing you of stepping out of your comfort zone.
Each week the book will encourage you to answer thought-provoking questions preparing you to finally take that step outside. Throughout the journal, you will find inspirational quotes that will help you to build and maintain your motivation.

Author Kristi L. Jackson  is a White House Recognized Innovator & Entrepreneur , a Global Business Strategist  and a founder of Women CEO Project, a global business development firm built specifically for woman entrepreneurs. With her skills, Kristi was able to be affiliated or consult some of the world's top companies like The White House, Cambridge University in London, IBM, Apple and Google, among others. She also won a couple of awards including "2013 Women's Organization of the Year" and "2012 Humanitarian of the Year".

The list of her achievements goes on, and it wouldn't fit in our article form, so I believe that with #52 Questions you can't go wrong, and are definitely in good hands, and that you'll make stepping outside your comfort zone your routine.