Take your wardrobe on a journey

Today we are taking you on a exotic trip to India. Unfortunately, we will not give you airplane tickets and hotel reservations, but we will give you a feel of India through clothing. And you will not be disappointed because it is going to be a trip colorful like India itself.

Our first association with India is colors. The landscape, food and clothing are vibrant in colors. In our western world, wearing too many colors can backfire making us look silly, so we wonder how do Indian women make their clothing combinations so colorful, but yet so stylish and beautiful. That question got answered when we discovered trendyfashionmall.

You can find all types of traditional Indian clothing, as well as "westernized" pieces with a traditional Indian touch. And by that, we mean beautiful patterns with many colors. A lot of styles from here can be found worn by Bollywood actresses, which is a great recommendation since Bollywood produces more than 1000 movies a year, and their audience is measured in hundreds of millions.

We prepared for you what we call a "starter pack" for Indian style, which means that it can easily be integrated in your wardrobe and provide you with that feel of Indian culture and heritage.
Ethno and boho style are very big this year, so the pieces we choose follow those guidelines.

This blue kurti top is ideal for the warmer days to come and it will breathe a fresh breeze in your style.

This moss green kurti top with long sleeves has captured the colors and feel of Indian jungles, and it will fit great whether you're at a party or taking a Sunday walk through the city.

To really make your presence at a party, or at any social gathering, we recommend this elegant kurti top

To make you look fresh and relaxed throughout the day we recommend this blue and gray kurti top.

And that's all of our starter pack. We hope that it's colorfulness will bring you a feel of India, and that everyone around you will feel the same way when they see you wearing them.

photos: trendyfashionmall.