Unique Nose Jewelry To Uplift Your Look

Getting some fresh piercing jewelry is always a good way to spice up your look. And what a better way to go then getting some unique handmade jewelry? Especially from this studio that we found.
Caterpillar Arts is a small studio in Arizona desert where artist Amber makes unique body piercing jewelry out of sterling silver, titanium and niobium among others. Every piece is handmade from scratch. It all that started out of Amber's love for body mods and piercings, by making jewelry for herself, so you can be sure that every item has a character and story of it's own, making it even more unique.
We've picked out two...
Photo: sweetadorablegirls.tumblr.com

How do you like our choice? Do you prefer hoops or studs?



  1. Earrings only I used in the ears. Happy weekend!:))