Let your baby go green!

Source: lillypillybaby FB page

We all want what is best for our kids, right? We make sure that the food they eat is healthy and organic, we watch how many times they eat, how they sleep, choose only the best organic cosmetic products for them, but what about clothing? 

Clothing is as much important as the things previously mentioned. The fabrics and colors are really important considering the delicate baby skin. But the biggest (and only) flaw of this type of clothing is it's looks; it doesn't look cute and beautiful as the one that is not organic made. 

Source: lillypillybaby.com

Luckily, there is Lilly Pilly Baby that makes clothing carefully made out of organic materials and really cute at the same time making your search for cute and nurturing clothing complete. Believe us, we can't just decide on one piece, we want them all.