Beautiful Celtic Bracelets

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From a visual standpoint, celtic symbols have always caught our eyes. With its beautiful intricate knots, we always thought that it would be great to have these symbols on a piece of jewelry. And we finally found a place which offers just that!

Irish Gifts Store is a webshop where you'll find celtic-themed rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and even coins. All masterfully crafted in Ireland, these authentic pieces will bring you both a piece of celtic culture, and a fashionable accessory, with their contemporary approach to a traditional symbols. With so many great pieces to choose from, it was hard time to pick two favorites. But, since we're currently in the market for bracelets, it made our choice easier. But not that easier, it was still very difficult.

Our first pick is this silver twist bracelet. Made from 925 sterling silver, this simple, but still authentic bracelet will look great in any occasion. Beautiful, subtle and tasteful, just what we want. It can also use as a great gift, because we can't find a reason why would anyone not liked it.

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Next, we choose this rose gold bracelet. This bracelet is made out of rose gold plated sterling silver. It's design is very flowing, smooth and is feeling really soft on the skin, you could even forget that you're wearing it. Aside from its celtic origins, this gorgeous bracelet also has a certain ancient Greece feel to it, which only makes it more desirable because of the way it mixes two cultures in a perfect blend.

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Hope you liked our picks, and we hope to get more of these great jewelry in the future. Did you find your perfect piece? Leave a pic in the comments!