Obsessed With This Watches

Watch is our everyday companion. Truth be told, most people today don't wear watches, but rely more on their smartphones to tell them the time. But, we are traditional and love to have a good ol' watch on our hands. Sometimes choosing the right one can take a lot of time. Most important thing is the material from which the watch is made, and of course it's design that has to be compatible with your style and clothing.
What about wooden watches? They look so cool and different from others, that we instantly fell in love with them. We don't like wearing things identical to everyone's, which makes wooden watch a perfect choice. And if you weren't aware of them, where were you?
Relomoto offers everything we like about wooden watches; a different, refreshing and modern look. They look perfect with their leather and wood combination. Being that we love minimalism and pure straight lines, we found juste the ones. First one is Baccay watch, with it's combination of bamboo housing and a simple black leather strap. It radiates with subtle elegance that can be incorporated in every style, man or woman.

Although we previously mentioned that we love minimalism, sometimes is good to break up a all black combination, especially during summer days. And to achieve it more quickly than with accessories. A brightly colored watch will surely lift up the whole combination and make it more interesting an entertaining. Mangabay is made out of pinewood housing with a simple brown strap, and the most special thing about this watch is it's frame, which reminds us of rainbow with it's full array of colors. It is cheerful and fun, and will make every outfit better. Do you agree? Do you like eco friendly watches? Do you wear them? Write us in the comments.