Dresses to freshen up your summer

Summer has arrived, and hot temperatures can give us a hard time during the day. You can barely move without getting sweaty, and you realize that there's nothing better to do than crawl under a rock and wait for the heat to fall back.

But when it does, when the sun finally starts to fade under the horizon, you can instantly feel the freshness. And is there a better way to feel that freshness then when the breeze gentle flows through your cute and airily dress? You got to admit, that really feels great, and you feel especially lucky if you see someone wearing long jeans that are probably glued to them by sweat and they can't get it off.

So to celebrate this dresses that can really save us during summer, we went and picked out two of them that we think will be perfect for making you feel happy and fresh.

First one is The Aubree Dress - Polka Dot Shift Dress, a beautiful dark blue dress with white polka dots. It flows gently along your body lines to give that freshness we talked about earlier. A true classic that can never go out of style.

Image source: http://delladirect.com/

Second one is The Tess Dress - Floral Sateen Shirt Dress. This beautiful sateen dress with colorful floral prints just screams summer. And we don't know why, but we want to have ice cream every time we see it. It is just so perfect to either take a walk to get some ice cream. And it's cute collar makes it also perfect to go to a fancy restaurant afterwards. There's nothing wrong with getting a dessert first :)

Image source: http://delladirect.com/

We found these dresses on Della Direct, a world-wide wholesaler from Utah that deals with hundreds of manufacturers in categories from women's apparel to electronics. You can really find a lot of cool stuff there.

What do you think about these dresses? Did you find anything else? Comment bellow :)