All eyes on you with your new eye color!

Everybody likes to change their looks from time to time. It is always exciting and refreshing to do it. Even when it's a only a little change, like buying pants that are in completely different color than the ones you already have. But the usual change is often more bigger than buying pants, like hair coloring. It has real  suspense when you are waiting to see if the shade will be perfect as you pictured it in your head.

But what about an more bigger, and more unusual change? Contact lenses. If you want to really change your look, that's the way to go. Changing your eye color with a more vivid shade will definitely turnaround your look. Think about all the heads you will turn, and the impact when you enter the room. A world will be your catwalk.

I have found great colors at My eyecolors . Lenses come in a wide variety from blue to brown, even in unusual Halloween colors like white or black. Good thing to remember for the upcoming holiday :) . I opted for Caribbean blue colored contacts

Color is amazing, and it will be fun and exciting to find new make up to go with my new eye color. Oh, I can already feel the rush! I'm still pondering about whether I should get a new hair color or not. But I probably will, since I want to emphasize my eye color more :) .

So, if you're looking to make a big change in your looks, contact lenses will do it magnificently well.