Step your Coffee Game up!

Do you love coffee? I mean, really, really love coffee? Do you enjoy every single sip, and can taste the difference in aroma when you've started drinking your cup to the that last sip where you can feel how the coffee calls you to make more? If yes, then this article is right for you!


As coffee lovers, You and I want only the best for us, and to explore new aromas as we travel through this fantastic world of caffeine goodness. This is the right times to explore new tastes as the whole new coffee scene emerges and offers almost infinite number of aromas.

Just like with food, independent, small roasters are where the REAL coffee is located. Each roast made in small batches have their own unique taste, and you know that they are made with love and passion, and that is what makes it different from mass produced coffees that you can find in your local supermarket.  It has soul.

We have found just that type of dedication from Noteworthy Selections   where they serve as a platform from where local roasters can offer their product to the rest of the world. It is truly a mine of hidden gems!

They are dedicated in bringing us the freshest and finest coffee just as much the roasters they work with are dedicated to make their each batch as close to perfection as possible.

So, if you want to step your coffee game up, THIS is the right place to start. You can get lost in wide selection of aromas, and with time, you will become like a coffee Pokemon master: You'll gotta catch em' all!