Connect With Inspiration, The Easy Way

Did it ever happen to you when searching the web for your favorite celebrity that you stumbled upon a fake profile or a website that doesn't have the info you were looking for but said it has? Of course it did. it happens to all of us, almost at a daily basis. Web is full of fake celebrity social media profiles, and websites that hold false information. They are primarily used for catfishing, clickbaiting and other malicious actions, like distributing artist's music without their permission among others.

But thankfully, there is an app for that. YayWay is a new app that will directly connect you to your favorite celebrity, no more false sites and social media doppelgangers, just the fans and their favorite celebrities, athletes, representatives, brands and artists. The mission by its founder, Charles Simmons was simple. To create a platform where fans can connect with their favorite celebrities without fear of being scammed. And we think that he succeeded and that YayWay will truly be the place where you will connect with inspiration.