Taking extra care of lips during cold days

photo: pexels.com

It's autumn and we have to get used to that every day will be colder than the last one. Dry and harsh air can severely dry out our skin, especially the lips.

It's not a secret that we love natural cosmetics and that are always in search for it. We were recently using Burt and Bees lip balm, and since we are running out of it, we would like to try something new. And so, while searching for new lip balm, we stumbled upon a Grahams Natural page and saw their Vanilla Organic balm

photo: https://itchy.net.au/

We immediately love that the product is 99% organic, gluten and cruelty free, and vanilla flavored. What is also interesting is that it is 100% edible, how cool is that? You protect your lips and get a little treat at the same time, wish all cosmetics would be like that :)

Have you tried it? We sure will.