Finding a perfect dress for your baby girl

In my case the title would be: finding a perfect dress for you baby niece. I embarked on that search because the new Harry Potter movie will soon be out, and I wanted to make it a perfect opportunity to buy my niece a nice dress to wear when we'll go to watch it.

Buying clothes for kids is extremely difficult because every single piece is so cute, and if not for self-control and reason, i would go bankrupt.

So, being a huge Harry Potter fans, me and my niece need to fit the theme, it would be a blasphemy if we didn't. I found a dress for myself, now I need to find one for her. 

As I previously stated, it is very difficult to choose, because i find every piece of children clothes so cute and adorable, that i want to have it all. But unfortunately (or fortunately for my finances) i need to settle for one.

After searching far and wide, i stumbled upon a perfect piece. Isn't it great? If Gryffindor had a preschool program, this would their uniform for sure. 

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Aside from that, this is a perfect fall dress with it's classical girly cut, burgundy color, white collard and sleeves. To this styling i would only add gray leggins, because of the colder weather. And a wand :)

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This dress will also be perfect for other events, it is so adorable, and yet classical and will fit in every occasion perfectly.

What are your thoughts? Do you have the same problem as me when it comes to buying chidren's clothing? Leave a comment below. 



  1. Such a cute dress. She looks like a little princess