Perfect Bedding For Your Home

I've been re-decorating my room for the last three months because I got bored with my old bed, and it's bad mattress has been giving me backache and I couldn't get enough sleep. So I was definitely in need for a new one, for the sake of looks, and more importantly, health.

Along with a new bed that has to be big, a good mattress is also a priority, so is the bedding.  I'm a huge interior design fan, and I oftenly find inspiration in magazines, Pinterest and Instagram. Inspiration for my room decor was minimal scandinavian look. Clean lines, minimal furniture and a lot of green plants. I found a bed matching those guidelines, it has a simple design with clean straight lines. I'm not the type of person that likes colorful bedding and a bunch of decorative pillows. More important to me is that the bedding is high quality, and that will make me comfortable and that it will not affect my allergies (dust allergy). Although people don't pay much attention to bedding, they really should, because the average human spends 21 years sleeping.

Nougat (buy here)

Aside from egyptian bedding, there is also a bamboo bedding. Sounds interesting, right? It's anti-allergic, soft and can be washed in cold water. Everything i love. Only thing I was worried about was it's design. But I managed to find a perfect one for my industrial scandinavian room. It was a hard choice to pick between a beautiful brown chocolate like color and ivory, i picked ivory in the end. It looks simple, but luxurious and elegant at the same time. Additional details like small pillows won't be necessary with this bedding.

Emerald (buy here)

What are your thoughts on industrial design? Do you give importance to bedding? Have you already tried bamboo bedding?