4 Best Christmas Party Dresses

A time of Christmas, Christmas parties and dinners is just around the corner. And besides choosing on which party to attend, the equally important question is: what to wear? That poses a big problem to us ladies. Outfit has to be cheerful and festive, but elegant  at the same time. There is a huge choice of dresses and accessories that will make your outfit more better already in stores. Below you will find 4 dresses that won our hearts and which we will definitely wear during this holiday times.

1.  Magical Gold Dress

If you are looking something a bit different, but also unique and stylish, try this high neck gold dress from Valerie Vergar. Beautiful long sleeves, amazing details and sexy back makes this dress so special and chic. You don`t need to add jewelry because this dress is statement itself. Choose black high heels and little black clutch.

2. Bold Red Dress
Simple yet so glamurous and elegant, this red dress is perect for Christmas parties. It is a knee-length dress in a sturdy weave with overlocked edges, it has amazing V-neck at the back and straps acroos the back of the neck. You can find this dress at H&M. All you need is gold shoes and clutch and you will look amazing. 
photo: H&M

3. Blue Lace Dress
Although blue is not a traditional Christmas color, we love it very much. Besides being elegant, it is modern as well. Lace, patterns and details are perfect and breathtaking on this Valerie Vergar dress. Combination of black and blue and varying lace is what separates this dress from others. Combine it with simple black shoes and simple silver jewelry

4. Velvet Dress
Velvet is back, and looking better than ever.  It is the hottest trend this season, and there is so many different ways to style it.  But, when it comes to a dress, this one really catches our eye. Beautiful green Topshop dress with long sleeves and twist front detail. Just add unique and bold heels and you are ready to go.
photo: Topshop

What dress is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below