Beautiful Jewelry From The Middle Of The Earth

Details like jewelry complete every outfit, and have became almost essential when it comes to making your outfit pop in the sea of others. Sometimes our outfits look bland and simple, especially if you're in a hurry, but you can always rely on jewelry to save the day.

And because of that, we are in a constant search for jewelry, whether it be necklaces or bracelets, it doesn't matter, as long as they can brighten up the day. Being that we care for the enviroment and try our best to contribute to it's wellbeing, we focus on enviroment friendly jewelry.

Jewelry made out of unique natural stones looks amazing, especially if it's threaded in form of a bracelet. Turquoise color is often our first choice, and this time is not different, it was the first one we spotted. Turquoise bracelet named "save me" is really a thing of beauty, and the stones are belived to have healing powers. So if you wish for more happines and peace, and you want a beautiful bracelet, look no further.
We like combining turquoise with neutral colors like black, gray and dark blue, and it's no exception with this bracelet either.

Pink color is in trend this year, and we also jumped on that wagon, and because of that a rose quartz bracelet "lovemaker" is the right choice for everyone who follows trends. Romantic and simple, a bracelet thar represents love. Being that it is in neutral pink color, this bracelet will fit every outfit.

Althoug we wear corals during summer, red color is perfect for this winter days. Coral bracelet named "protector" has an interesting story, it protects from all evil and negates it, helping friendships last long.