Make Early Plans For Valentines Day

Valentines day will soon be here. Each year everyone, not just the ones in love, who want to show their affection to someone  are carefully planning their presents, dinners or deserts. This yea we decided to give our contribution to this day of love by sharing with you our ideas for your special somebody.

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is a traditional gift when it comes to Valentines day. Women love it, and that fact makes it a perfect gift by default. Especially when its heart shaped, right? On belindajewelz we found a great selection of necklaces which are made for Valentines. We were especially amazed by Ruby – Embellished center heart with CZ encrusted which has a beautiful white ruby decorated heart in the center, and rounded with another equally pretty heart. Another one which catched our eye is somewhat simpler and minimal that the previous one, but it's evenly beautiful as well. Created White Topaz set which has two hearts decorated with white topaz will excite absolutely everyone.
photo: belindajewelz

2. Flowers

Small flower bouquet for ladies, and bonsai or herbs for men will be a perfect present, not just for Valentines. And you don't have to be traditional with it getting traditional red roses, a bouquet of wild flower or tulips will surprise and delight the receiver.

photo: pexels

3. Food

Whether you're planning on making a lunch inspired by your favorite city or country, make sure to make extra effort with details; red napkins, candles and flowers on the table will contribute to the atmosphere. Make the desset special, make sure to make something new and unexpected.

photo: pexels

How do you like our ideas? Tell us in the comments below!