Trend Alert: Sweatshirt

Besides being warm and comfortable, they also feel like wearing pajamas, and are very trending this year. We can see them literary everywhere, from streets to fashion shows. And we all have one at least one thing in common when it comes to them - we love them! And because of that, we dedicate today's article to them - Sweatshirts.

We picked out 3 great models, that will fulfill every outfit and bring it on the next level.

1. Green Clothing's Good Grammar's You're* Crewneck Sweatshirt

Whether you're a grammar nazi or keep forgeting how to spell right, this sweatshirt will be a great addition to your wardrobe. Aside from looking great, it will also provide immediate reactions, which, in the end, is the second most important part of your outfit. The first one, of course, is that you feel good in it, and that is guaranteed, as is the correct spelling.
This sweatshirt will look great in practicaly any daily occasion, from going to the grocery store, gym, to taking a grammar test in college.  And it doesn't matter what your height or body type is, it is a sweatshirt that will fit every man. You can wear sweatpants or jeans, sneakaers or shoes, it really doesn't matter. You can even have nothing below, this sweatshirt will be the talking point :)
If you're a fan of fun prints, you should check out the rest of Green Clothing's shop. There is a whole variety of styles, but one thing is constant: quality prints and quality materials. Best part, Green Clothing is all about making sustainable products, so by wearing their products, you're doing good for yourself and for the nature.
And when a clothing company's main goal is to create incredibly good designs on the softest and coolest materials available, you know that you're not only going to look great, but feel great too!

p.s. this sweatshirt made me to double check every you're written in this article :)

2. Mango's Printed Cotton Sweatshirt

Having a fun and colorful print on your sweatshirt makes it a highlight of your outfit.The rest of your outfit might look ugly and out dated, but if you have a sweatshirt like this from Mango, then all is forgotten and forgiven. So if you want a piece that will build up your outfit, look no further!

photo: Mango 

3. Zara's Basic Sweatshirt

Opposite from the previous one, this is a very basic sweatshirt. Which, by all means, is not a bad thing. You need pieces like this in your wardrobe that will look good in every occasion.

photo : Zara

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