Name A Star After Someone


Have you ever been struggling over picking a great, unique gift? Wanted to get something special, but somehow always ended up with a plain and unoriginal present like books and chocolates? Oh boy, do we have a treat for you! A real game changer in your pursuit to find a perfect and unique gift!
As you know, there is an uncountable amount of stars in the universe, we discovered and mapped a huge number of constellations, and we discover many more practically every day, but that number is so insignificant to the amount of yet undiscovered stars. And of course, each discovered star needs to be named.

So to not bother you too much with astronomy stuff, this gift idea we have for you is that you could have a star named after someone (or something, you can choose any name you want). Pretty neat, right? And talking about unique presents, this really takes the cake! Just imagine having such a majestic celestial body like a star named after you, what an honor and what a incredibly cool feeling that must be!
So it is pretty established that you really can't go wrong with this present. It is thoughtful, original, and everlasting. And guess what? We found the perfect site where you can go and name one, EstarRegistry. It is a site where you also get a certificate with your star name, it's coordinates, and a personal dedication. There are three packages available (Quick star, Zodiac, Twin Stars) where you choose the name and number of stars, the occasion which the gift is intended for, and the zodiac constellation in which you want your star to be, all wrapped up in cute folder with little gold ribbon.
How cool is that? You don't have to bother with wrapping paper, a perfectly presented certificate will be conveniently delivered at your doorstep. 

We hope that we helped you with this unique gift idea, and saved you from buying an unoriginal gift. So be a star and name a star to make someone special to you feel like the shiniest star in the galaxy!