A Different View On Words

Although being a fashion and lifestyle blog, we sometimes feel the need to do something different, just to break the routine and enable our minds to get some different perspective that will, ultimately, lead to fresh ideas. We can do that in a number of ways, and this time we decided to break it with writing about a book. A poetry collection, to be precise. You would think that writing articles for a living and then reading poetry is not really breaking a routine, but you would be wrong. Poetry can give you so many ideas and insight to relax you, and inspire you. 

Especially when writing articles. There is no such form that uses the meaning of words like poetry does. A craft that uses so little to say so much is not easily mastered, but you sometimes find exceptional writers that will really make you stop and think after each poem you've read. Such is Play for Words by R.R. Noall, a poetry collection. Rachel, the author, is also working in marketing, a field that also relies on using less to say more, so on some level we can understand her writing better being that we are in similar fields of work.

In this poetry collection, R.R. Noall, explores idioms commonly used in English language, and use them to give them a whole other meaning, that ultimately leads you to question yours, and vocabulary in general. Because, what do you think when you say that Elvis has left the building? Or when you say that you or someone has bought a one way ticket to somewhere? Think about that and then read this thought provoking poetry collection.