Protect Your Phones With Cool Cases

If you're like us, and can't imagine your life without your phone, then you are probably looking to protect it in any way possible. One of those ways are certainly phone cases. Their offer is huge, and you can easily get lost in finding the perfect one among all those minimal or vibrant cases, or the ones that have prints of cartoon characters, flowers or cars, you are bound to find the one that will match your every taste and expectation. 

We always have a few that we change as we please. Equally important are screen protectors, that will cover your screen from any scratches, ant to prevent it from smashing during falls(as it happened to us a couple of times before we discovered screen protectors). And because of those two things, are mobile phones look new like the first day we got them, and we are not afraid that they will be damaged if we drop them. Do you use phone cases and covers? Which are your favorites?