The Best Shirts to Spread Positive Messages

Is there a better way to express your mood, but also show your personality than fashion?! With only one clothing item you can show the world how you feel that day, but also make a statement. And these days we all need a little bit of positivity, right?

Positivity Wear is a brand with cool t-shirts and hoodies with phrases like "Decided to be my own hero," "Start Believing in Yourself," and "Super Gluded To My Goals." Shirts come in men and women sizes, as well as in a variety of colors and cuts. The company's mission is to remind everyone what they can accomplish and how special, powerful and smart they are. You can check them out on their website, and find the perfect tee for you.


JEANS: Topshop;  JACKET:Topshop; SHOES: Topshop; T-SHIRT: Positivity Wear

photos: Positivity Wear, Topshop