Accessories That Are String With The Force

Star Wars are a truly special entity in pop culture. The way that they combined quality movies with extensive merchandising and expanded to other media (books, comics, movie spin-offs, TV series, video games) made them basically untouchable in terms of fan base and their loyalty, and brand recognition and worth as well. The Star Wars universe is an endless space filled with adventures suited for everybody. The potential that this fictional space holds is truly astonishing, and as fans, we can't wait to see what will come next from the galaxy far far away.

 Of course, from this sheer catalogue of releases, you can't expect that everything will be great, but if the main features haven't been top notch, you wouldn't be a fan, right? I mean, the original trilogy can only be matched by the LOTR one, and KOTOR and KOTOR 2 should be in everyone's top 10 RPGs or even games in general. And let's not get started on how great the new releases are going to be, because there is so much excitement that i can take. So to summarize, being a Star Wars fan is great.

And there has never been a better time being a Star Wars fan than today. The wast fan base has so many ways to indulge themselves in the galaxy far far away. For example, you can wake up under your return of the jedi poster printed sheets, get out of bed, put on your jedi bath robe, eat your favorite cereal out of your Darth Vader get the picture. And if you think that your day is not filled enough with Star Wars gadgets, boy do i have a place for you. Pop Gulf is a marketplace tha welcomes everybody, whether they're rebels, jedis, or just plain stormtroopers from the Empire. It has wares that will cater every taste. Like mine for example. After i finished with my cereal, I got my rebel squadron pilot laptop backpack, made sure that my boba Fett wallet is in my pocket and head over to my car trying to get to work in less than 12 parsecs.