A Historical Hat Made For The Future

Have you ever watched some movies or tv shows that were set in the caribbean or latin america? And did you ever wished, by watching the beaches, sunshine, the whole laid back lifestyle, wished that you were the part of it?

Well, unfortunately, we can't offer you that whole package, but we can bring you closer to the sandy beaches, smell of coconut and the light breeze by just writing about straw hats. Yes, as strange as it sounds, but straw hats are a staple when it comes to this type of lifestyle. Especially Ecuadorian toquilla straw hat. And you can't go more traditional than these because traditional Montecristi hats have been around for centuries, more precisely, they date back to the early 16th century. They are known as Panama hats, but unfortunately, that is completely false , because they were all manufactured in Ecuador, but since the Panama canal was being built at the time, workers needed sun protection, and those hats provided the perfect sun blocking features,  and despite being only manufactured by traditional methods in Ecuador, hats were called Panama hats.
But, thankfully, UNESCO's Intangible cultural heritage program has made sure that the customers will enjoy the traditional Ecuadorian toquilla straw hat in all it's glory.

They are made from the traditional palm trees that grow in the Ecuador coast area. It is a long process involving palm farmers that harvest the stems and separating the fibre that is needed for the hats. Then they boil and dry the stems for bleaching. And when all that is over, weavers take this raw material and start with the process of weaving the crown and the brim of the hat. Depending on the quality and finesse, weaving can take from one day to the whole eight months. And what makes these hats special are the local climate conditions and exact number of pints in each row of weaving. After that, another round of washing, bleaching, moulding, ironing and pressing is needed to achieve the perfect hat. And what makes these hat a part of a cultural heritage are not only the process needed to achieve them, but the knowledge that is passed on from generation to generation.
And what better place to get these unique hand made hats than EcuadorianHands.com! Straight from the source, these hats will make you know the difference between those cheap industrial made hats that will dismember in a matter of weeks from those that were carefully made by the people that know how much the protection from the sun can play a huge difference in the world that we live in today