Solution To The Mystery Of Missing Sock

We can easily agree that socks are among the most important staples in the closet. We can't even count how many pairs we have, and we can't imagine a day without them. But we can also agree that losing a sock is one the most common things that can happen with our clothes. We don't know what black magic is behind it, but no matter how much you take care of them, there will always be the one that got away. You can swear that you' ve put all of them in the washing machine, but somehow when the washer is done, one sock will be missing. It is a true mystery (maybe washing machine eats socks, who knows?). A soulution to this problem would be if all of the socks would be the same.

Well, that is the purpose of today's article, you can thank us at the end. A company named Solosock offers a perfect danish design, that is both innovative and practical. Each month you can receive seven pairs, but identical, so the problem from the beginning of the article will be solved!
Socks are made out of organic cotton, perfectly designed. And speaking of perfect design, the packaging can be used as a unique and reusable storage box! It is made out of biodegradable material and can be placed inside your drawers. The sock design is unisex. In case you're searching for a great birthday present, your can head over to Solosocks and make the recepient a very happy person :)