The Perfect Car For The Perfect Day!

We're all picturing our wedding as a perfect day straight out of fairy tales. We try our best planning even the finest detail to perfection. From flowers, invitations, decorations, food and of course, wedding dress and suit. But maybe you forgot something? There was a time when brides would arrive in carriages, like Cinderella, and in today's time they choose to arrive in finest cars. One of the classics is surely Mercedes. Not only that they look like a limousine, they are elegant, sophisticated and comfortable as one. If you're having your wedding in England, you can check out Cardiff prestige, where you can book a perfect Mercedes to arrive at your special day in style. And a top of arriving in a perfectly looking car, they will decorate it finishing detail touches such as color matched ribons and a celebratory (or nerve calming) complimentary bottle of champagne. Sounds perfect, right?
What is your dream car to ride in on your wedding day? Tell us in the comments.