Magnetic False Eyelashes: How They Work

False eyelashes are one of the biggest beauty trends in 2018, according to Pinterest. No wonder why! Not only they are fun, but they really bring more attention to your eyes. They make them bigger and more open. The only trouble is that they can be tricky to apply, but don't let that scare you away! There are so many different types of eyelashes, from the magnetic to the extensions, so we are sure you'll find the perfect one for you.
To help you out, we have compared three different types of eyelashes, and list their pros and cons.


If you are a girl who really struggles with applying false eyelashes, these magnetic lashes are perfect for you. And best of all, you don't need glue. Yaay!
How do they work? Instead of a single strip lash, there are two separate bands of lashes with little magnets attached to the centre. Applying it is really easy, one lash with the magnet on the underside goes on the top of your lash line, and the second lash that has the magnet on the top of the band goes just under your top lashes (near to the upper water line), and that is it.

Magnetic eyelashes are really lightweight, you'll forget you have them, they stay in place, and you can remove it super fast without smudging makeup. Best of all they are reusable (around 60 uses) and they don't cause adhesive allergy.

Cons: None!

Cost: $24-$29 once every 3 months and $17 one time $113 per year

Find them on Bare Your Hart website.


Probably the most popular, strip eyelashes have been loved since 1920s. With these kind of eyelashes you can change up your look every day and match it with your mood. You can go dramatic or natural with a little bit of volume. Strip eyelashes comes in many different styles and shapes.

How to apply? They come in one size and a little bit longer than you'll need. So you have to trim them to the right length. Now add a thin ribbon of eyelash glue along the band of the lash. After it becomes tacky, press the strip to the base of your lashes. You can typically re-wear the same pair about 10 times, depending on the quality.

Cons? Probably the worst thing about strip eyelashes is its applying. They can be really uncomfortable, and can damage natural eyelashes. They can cause adhesive allergy and you must redo makeup after removal.

Cost: $29 every 2 months, $22 for applicator, $12 every 4 months for glue. (according to the velour lash website)= $232 year


If you are looking for something a bit more permanent, eyelash extensions are perfect for you. They can accomplish the glamorous and voluminous look, without needing any makeup. Your eyelashes will be the thickest and most perfectly ever. And you will look that way 3 weeks till the next appointment.

Cons? Extensions are high maintenance and an expensive process that comes with substantial risk. From damaging your natural eyelashes to the itchy eyes and the allergic reactions.

Cost: $130 for full, $50 for a fill every 3 weeks = $980 year

False eyelashes really make a difference. And if you are looking for something that is easy to apply, yet lightweight and comfortable, we recommend you magnetic eyelashes.



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