Best Streetwear You Need To Know

Here at Peas of us, we're constantly in search of inspirational fresh pieces and brands. And boy, do we have a treat for you. Although established in 2019 by Creative Director & Founder Macho Jacques, Morati feels like they've been running the streets for far far longer. With their style rooted in hip hop culture and streetwear, you would think that they've been in this game from the '90s, as the designs on their artistic urban apparel would've suggested.

Morati World caught our eye because it has created a statement brand for the young streetwear fashion gods and goddesses of tomorrow pursuing their talents and paving their way to an active lifestyle. The clothes appeal to individuals who know what they want, who love to be relaxed and look great at the same time. They offer superior designs for both men and women, great right?

Urban fashion and street style are all about looking and feeling unique. You also must feel comfortable while inside their collections you can find quality t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, fanny packs, and a lot of accessories. Shirts have a pretty cool and sweet design which can be combined with virtually everything, and they definitely give your outfit character. We also have to mention their workout clothes collection. We were totally blown away by leggings. They have a very joyful and playful look that will inspire you to get a great workout. Trust us, it will be a joy to work out in those. While on the subject of workout, we must mention sneakers. In every streetwear fashion, sneakers are an essential piece. Along with being super comfortable, sneakers look amazing and can round up any outfit. Morati sneakers tell a great story with their bold design that is full of character, are playful and will certainly turn heads. We're sure that you will receive a lot of compliments on behalf of those sneakers.

We bring you a couple of our favorite pieces with suggestions on how to combine them.  Check them out below!



Morati Baseball Jersey

This all-over print baseball jersey is perfect for summer. It is made from high quality and very comfortable fabric. And don't get us started on how interesting and effective the print is. White and black may sound minimal, but this print makes them anything but minimalistic. We suggest wearing it with pink pants and white sneakers to achieve an urban and cool look.

Morati Classic Slip-On Sneakers

Sneakers are by far our favorite footwear. They are super comfortable, and if you pick the right pair, look amazing and are definitely the focal point of your outfit. From design to comfort, we absolutely love everything on these sneakers. We recommend wearing them with jeans and an interesting t-shirt.

Morati Abstract Sweatshirt

Let's be honest, all we ever want to wear our sweatshirts! They're so comfortable and so effective that they can transform any outfit from boring to exciting. Morati sweatshirt looks modern, fun, and makes a statement. This one is our definitive favorite. We recommend combining it with jeans and dark blue sneakers. And don't forget about the accessories. Backpack, hat, and sunglasses. Trust us, you'll look phenomenal.



photo: Morati